Digital Asset Management, Large File Transfer and TV Admin Specialists

TV Admin

Broadcast Delivery

ChilliBean provides a global digital delivery service for ready-to-air TV spots working closely with ad agencies, post houses, brand owners and broadcasters. We'll QC your spot, provide traffic instructions, scripts or whatever paperwork necessary for the commercial and ensure it's delivered in time for the air date.

Approvals & Clearances

ChilliBean's International TV Admin team have in depth experience of all commercial aspects of getting media on air. We understand the complexity of ensuring that a commercial meets the legal requirements of each global market and are therefore happy to take care of your approval needs including copy advice and pre-clearance requirements for your global campaigns.


ChilliVault enables the generic masters, audio elements, title and pack shots of a campaign to be uploaded to a unique area within the system where they can then be distributed across the globe for adaptation. This allows the complete set of master files to be downloaded by multiple users at any time, negating the need for tapes to be sent to each country and removing the potential for delays in delivery.

Our Service

We're always on hand to answer questions regarding country or stations spec, whether it's about clearance in Brazil or R128 audio we're always there to offer help and share our knowledge. We liaise with media agencies and stations to help make the delivery process as smooth as possible.

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